How to Make a Terrarium

URBAN GREEN MAKERS founder creating a unique terrarium from one of the kits. Adding his favorite air plant.

With a large array of air plants, containers and customizing materials available from URBAN GREEN MAKERS, anyone can easily build a creative, personal, customized terrarium. 

URBAN GREEN MAKERS large array of materials and air plants. DIY Kit center of the picture of products.


Whatever the climate is, the versatile terrarium can spruce up any space. Make sure to give your terrarium a healthy dose of light and a weekly water.

Collection of containers. Use the containers to make a terrarium and place air plants inside.

Make sure to use a high quality container to display your terrarium. Take the glass container you are going to use and make sure it is clean and dry before setting up your base. 

Make your own green. Urban Green Makers mission is to add more green into the environment.

URBAN GREEN MAKERS sells all the materials you need to customize your terrarium.  People use all different types of bases in their terrariums. Using a base of small rocks, sand or crushed coral is recommended to ensure a stable base that is low maintenance. UGM terrarium kits come with material to build your base. Depending on the kit, we offer crushed coral, sand or rocks. A large array of colored sand is also available for someone looking for make a colorful terrarium base. 

Our large array of air plants. Choose from small, medium, or large size air plants.

Air plants make a great addition to any terrarium. Make sure to get the size right air plant! You don't want your air plant to be to big for your terrarium, we recommend starting out with the smaller size air plants.

Air plants are a unique hardy plant that are easy to maintain. They can live in a box without sunlight for weeks but make sure when your air plant arrives you allow direct sunlight and a soak in fresh water. 

Maintaining your terrarium is easy. Our kits come with the tools to keep your terrarium in top shape. Growing you air plant has never been easier.

Now that you have made your terrarium, you have to keep it looking fresh. If you decided to add an air plant to your terrarium, you will have to water the air plant weekly. Maybe even a few times a week, depending if it is drying out. Make sure you don't put on the lid when you have an air plant in the terrarium.

If you opted for a low maintenance terrarium and didn't add an air plant, you can put the lid on and leave it for months to come without worry about watering or maintenance. 

Enjoy your unique terrarium or vegetable kit