Our Story


Change one life began with the simple idea of enriching your life and environment.One terrarium changes one life.

“Change one life” began with the simple idea of enriching your life and environment. When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in the Spring of 2011, the founder, Takuma Nitta, lost his house, hometown and the beautiful scenery around it. After the tragic events, Takuma started to rethink the valuable connection between the community and nature. He saw how plants and nature enriched people’s lives and he wanted to contribute back to disaster-affected areas around the world.

Your kit equals one plant. We want to make the world a greener place.

In 2015, URBAN GREEN MAKERS was developed with the mission of bringing more green products into our world. By giving trees and other green items to disaster-affected areas in Japan, Philippines, Africa and Bangladesh, Takuma Nitta hopes to start a global brand that can bridge the gap between people's lives and the environment. It is UGM's mission for everyone to feel connected to nature through our brand.

The process of getting more green planting around the world.


The founder of Urban Green Makers. Effected by the Japan earthquake in 2011, he saw the importance of green in everyday life.


Our Collection

Our large array of customizing materials and unique air plants. You can create a truly unique terrarium.

Terrarium Kits

Our kits are carefully selected with multiple different variations of materials to offer a go-to solution for DIY Terrarium Kits. With most of the components made in Japan, UGM terrarium kits are the highest quality available.  

Kits Include

  • Glass Terrarium Case
  • Assortment of Materials for the Terrarium
  • Spray Bottle and Brand Tag
  • Hemp Twine and Tweezers*

Air Plants

Air Plants are unique living plants that do not require daily maintenance. With different shades of green and unique appearances, Air Plants are a great addition to any terrarium.

  • Sourced in California
  • 3 Sizes
  • Care Instructions Included

Additional Materials

All our materials are sourced to meet the demand of our world class quality guidelines. Our large assortment of materials allows anyone to make a uniquely customized terrarium. Designed to pair well with our collection of glass, customizing a terrarium has never been so easy.