The Barron Collection Sales Agency

By URBAN GREEN MAKERS: November 1st, 2016

URBAN GREEN MAKERS is pleased to announce new sales representation Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming and Montana. Sales Agency, THE BARRON COLLECTION will be managing a team of 7 industry leading reps.

Headquartered in Seattle, THE BARRON COLLECTION is an independent rep agency with over a decade of gift and home industry experience. The group’s primary focus is in authentic, high-quality gifts and accessories. The group has many long term relationships with iconic gift stores, book shops, eco and fashion boutiques as well as small specialty tourist stores. THE BARRON COLLECTION represents a wide range of other brands found on their website:

URBAN GREEN MAKERS has earned a tremendous amount of knowledge and exposure from UGM’s headquarters in Japan. Initially started in Tokyo Japan, retail partners for UGM found the products easy to merchandise and highly appealing to retail stores.

URBAN GREEN MAKERS USA is base in Irvine CA. Working with the PPC Brands team, URBAN GREEN MAKERS and Prime Pacific Connections have grown together to create URBAN GREEN MAKERS into a global brand sold in 5+ countries.

“We are super excited to work with the THE BARRON COLECTION’s sales team to expand URBAN GREEN MAKERS in the US!” said Tristan Schmitt, PPC Brands Manager. “With years of retail expertise in selling into gift, home, and lifestyle retailers across the west, these new reps are exceptionally qualified to sell URBAN GREEN MAKERS in these important territories.”

URBAN GREEN MAKERS will exhibit its main Terrarium Collection at The Seattle Gift Show Market this January.

In the meantime, to contact URBAN GREEN MAKERS, please email [email protected]

To reach Tristan Schmitt, please email [email protected]

A brand established in Tokyo Japan, URBAN GREEN MAKERS (UGM) developed a line of DIY Terrarium kits with the mission to bring more green into urban areas. Currently, in 800+ stores around Japan, PPC hopes to extend UGM’s sales network to American boutiques, gift stores, bookshops and a wide variety of brick and mortar and online sales outlets. Check out our full collection of DIY Terrarium Kits, Air Plants, and Additional Materials.