Partnering with sales teams in the east coast

By URBAN GREEN MAKERS: December 1st, 2016

URBAN GREEN MAKERS is excited to announce new sales representation in the North East. States include; New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Sales Agency, Ready Set Go will be managing a team of 6 industry leading reps.

Headquartered Massachusetts, Ready Set Go is an independent rep agency with over half a decade of gift and home industry experience. Ready Set Go represents a wide range of other brands found on their website:

URBAN GREEN MAKERS USA is based in Irvine CA. Working with the PPC Brands team, URBAN GREEN MAKERS and Prime Pacific Connections have grown together in the past year to create URBAN GREEN MAKERS into a global brand sold in 5+ countries.

URBAN GREEN MAKERS will exhibit its main Terrarium Collection at The New York Gift Show, Pennsylvania Gift Show, Cape Cod Gift Show, and the Northeast Market.

In the meantime, to contact URBAN GREEN MAKERS, please email [email protected]

A brand established in Tokyo Japan, URBAN GREEN MAKERS (UGM) developed a line of DIY Terrarium kits with the mission to bring more green into urban areas. Check out our full collection of DIY Terrarium Kits, Air Plants, and Additional Materials.